Art of Touch - Butt

The Butt - a source of great pleasure

As men we don’t give much thought to our butts, but for many gay and bisexual men it’s the source of great pleasure. This workshop is designed to face the rear and tackle many taboos associated with the butt and surrounding regions and will teach you techniques to relax and prepare for anal intercourse.

Further information about this course will be made available soon.

full body orgasm
Two guys hugging


In order to complete this workshop, you first need to complete both the following workshops:


Next Steps

Once you completed the Full-body Orgasm workshop, you will be able to participate in:


Host you own Art of Touch workshop!

You could host your own Art of Touch series workshop!

If you live outside of Gauteng in further reaches of Southern Africa. By gathering a group of 10 or more people together, I will travel to you and present the workshop.

Prices would be ZAR2500-00 per person for a week-end workshop. Contact Johan +27 83 286 1891