Retreats are a modern answer to modern living. Going on a retreat means taking time away from your ordinary life and situation. It is a special time to give yourself some peace and calm. You might be stepping away from a hectic lifestyle full of being too busy. You may be taking a break away from the responsibilities

Retreats Dates

New Warrior Training Adventure

New Warrior Training Adventure
(Western Cape)

Art of Touch Workshop Series

Art of Touch Retreat
(Coming Soon)

Yoga Retreats

Men’s Yoga Weekend Retreat

Residential Retreats for men in 2019
Magaliesburg, Gauteng 8-10 Feb | 13-15 March | 24-26 May | 20-23 Sept | 24-26 Sept | 27-30 Sept

Other gatherings, events and retreats

Summer Camp for men in Eastern Cape

Past Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Men’s Yoga Weekend Retreat

BW4M Mens Retreat

Past Residential Retreat for men
Magaliesburg, Gauteng 21-24 Sept 2018

Other Retreats

Men’s Retreats