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Animus vs. Anima

20-23 September 2019

Investment: R6000pp

Both Retreats

20-27 September 2019

Investment: R11 600

Sacred Union

24-27 September 2019

Investment: R6000pp

Sima-Kade Bush Retreat is a magical place. Connect with the Cradle of Humankind. Transform in and with nature. Breathe in the freedom of the fresh Spring Equinox air.

Be the light and be the shadow

UOMO quest means In search of the man

The proposal for this series of seminars is easy, but at the same time, complicated. We as men have defined the way we live by a set of standards and rules that are no longer connected to the reality that we are living.

Tantra is the fastest way to be enlightened

The concepts, theories, and models of man, manhood, masculinity, and manliness, are structured in ideologies that no longer belong to the needs of men.

We propose that these retreats can deliver a transformational process to know your mature masculine and feminine self. Also, how to understand and how to work with the shadow and light archetypes that we all have as men.

We set our lives in a structure that is boxed in by society, culture, and family. We forget that in ancient times we had to live a rite of passage to become part of a community or family, just to be accepted. These rites moulded and formed us. Now, as modern men, we no longer explore how to grow from within, and no longer need to prove ourselves.

Tantra provides an emotional and spiritual journey in which you develop trust and intimacy as participants, and as a collective. We create a safe environment in which you can go deep and explore — being able to connect with your life force and learn how to expand it.

This year, TrueTantra has the initiative to explore and develop the Journey of the Men: to discover who we are and what we want from our own lives. Tantra cannot be seen or experienced as a short time process; it’s a continuous one! 

We will have three distinct journeys over the eight days, each a retreat in its own right that will, in the end, form the whole.

Program and Information Booklet

For a complete overview of both retreats and additional information, download the information booklet now.

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20-23 September 2019

Rebel Animus 

Our target is to work with the natural state heritage of ourselves as men in different layers to experience a self-discovering journey to empower ourselves. At the same time, we will dismantle and transform the idea of the masculine self.

Anima Rebel

We will discover and pursue our control patterns in our lives as men. We will examine when and how to surrender to our control patterns, with the aim to start to shift emotional issues and borders – patterns that can connect the dots between the primitive man and the assertive man.

24-27 September 2019

Sacred Union

In this journey over a few days, we find the balance between the animus and the anima, which are the assertive and the receptive male archetypes that can define our lives. To embrace our higher self, via the masculine and the feminine, is to be able to unify and ground ourselves! At the same time, we are able to enrich our spiritual paths.

Additional Tours

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