Life-changing retreat on Sacred Sexuality designed to learn,
live & restructure your life.

  • root: to the present
  • in consciousness: to transform
  • connected: to expand
  • letting go: to be free
  • interconnected & lingerings:
    to integrate

20-23 September 2019
Sima Kade Retreat

Transform your inner fire throughout

Over a few days, you will live an intimate transformational process, exploring primitive desires of sexual and emotional behaviour. With Tantra Kriya Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Sacred Sexuality and masculine rites and games as the main focus, we will show you the power and interconnection with your being and the being of others.

Discover and explore

This life-changing experience will revisit, in different ways, the structures of control and consent, so that we can be conscious of how they affect us. More importantly, how we can modify our behaviour for the better. Be prepared to release emotions and to change patterns.

The main tools will be bodywork, psyche, energy, breath, sexual energy & tantra techniques, which will allow us to re-discover the power that we have as men in mature masculinity.

  • Examine the dynamics of the power that you have developed and where you are right now.
  • Find the balance between the dilemma of control, and when to let go of that control.
  • Observe how you behave with other men at different levels.
    Explore your intimate boundaries to see and feel patterns of authority and grounding.
  • Investigate levels of trust in heritage models and explore uncomfortable zones.
  • Recognise the power produced by your Lingam and how to be empowered by the sexual energy.
  • Experience Tantra massage as the base of a path to enjoy the active and receptive YOU.
    Realise the importance of Sexual Energy as a power tool by itself.


  • Tantra Kriya Yoga 4 Men (Vajrayana & Sexual master class)
  • Indian Kushti Sensorial ExperienceSenso-Body Compression massage technique
  • Deharnass the cores of masculinity
  • Active Meditations: Integration vs. displacement
  • Embodied & Surrender massage technique
  • Memory Body & Breathwork in combination with tantra conscious touch massage
  • Exploring boundaries through lingam massage and erotic intimacy exercises
  • Explore the role between man and man; redefining our masculinity
  • Reconnect with the divine within you through your being and your sexual energy
  • Experience multi-orgasms and learn how to cultivate this energy and transform it, allowing you to recognise yourself as an interconnected whole 

What does it include?

  • 3 Healthy Light Mediterranean meals per day. If you have any special dietary requirements, please let us know. Coffee and Tea breaks and fruit.
  • Accommodation – Sleeping pod (shared), or single tents – all to share bathroom facilities
  • Pragmatical & life-changing experience. TrueTantra, Nude Tantra Yoga and the Sacred Sexuality workshops in a structured way.
  • The detailed program will be sent to you once you are registered.
    Please review the pricing section for reservations & refund policies.

The light as an archetype in every second of our existence

A professional methodology
using TrueTantra.

Vacations • Nude Yoga
Masculinity • Deep Relaxation
Massages • Breath Work
Nude Swimming • Nature

Perceive, expand and liberate

Over the next a few days, we will connect with sacred sexuality and the libido, eros, sensuality and sexuality and how the anima vs animus defines them.

Continue your journey as a man

The anima rebel is the second part of our inner journey as a man. We want you to develop the internal knowledge of where you stand regarding the integration and displacement of your assertiveness vs your receptiveness. Discover how this has modulated your persona and your shadow aspects.

Our primary tools are bodywork, psyche, energy, breath, sexual energy and tantra techniques. They all play a role in encountering our basic and ideal archetypes, that compose our personalities for the good and the bad.

We have an internal battle raging as men that enjoy the company of other men. Within this, two main archetypes envelop our perception of gender and our attitudes as men. 

The anima is a feminine image in the male psyche, and the animus is a male image in the female psyche. The anima/animus represents the “true self” rather than the image we present to others. It serves as the primary source of communication with the collective unconscious.

We will explore how the game of these two aspects of life have defined us; however, the primary target is how we can let go and break the elements that are not necessary, those not permitting us to advance in our intimate life, our emotions, our sexuality and with the rest of our lives.


  • Tantra Kriya Yoga for Men
    (Vajrayana & Sexual master class)
  • The game of versus: Erotic & conscious touch (active & receptive).
  • The game of the chairs: Grading your control and submission.
  • The act of stimulation: a lingam session that takes you to ecstasy (4 hands)
  • Active Meditations: Sufi whirlpool – who is in control?
  • Fascia Technique and the Body to body massage (the Veil technique)
  • The 1-minute game and the dance of the masks.
  • The wheel of consent: ask, and we deliver.
  • Masculine & Feminine: the eternal game of the duality.
  • Rebirthing: The act of Mahamudra.

A day at the retreat

  • Wake up with the freshness of the African Bush and with a cup of tea. 
  • Discover that breathing has the power to switch on your vital energy. 
  • Enjoy a very healthy breakfast with the view of the mountains. 
    Activate the sacred within you: body, mind & sexual energy throughout Nude Tantra Yoga. 
  • Imagine the art of expanding the pleasure not only with the touch but with other men.
  • Say goodbye to the night with an open sky and the most wonderful company. New friends that have shared their sacred with you!
  • Make friends but at the same time start to get to know who you are. 

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