About Us

About us: Bodywork4men and Art of Touch

So here's a little more about us. Bodywork4men places emphasis on working with men of all ages. Modern day man is mostly tense and stressed. A massage is often the best way to ease tension, relief stress and get rid of the aches and pains we have to endure on a daily basis.

We welcome all men who would like to experience a full body massage and the wonderful connection of mind, body and spirit. Persons from diverse backgrounds and with a variety of interests will find our services beneficial and this includes sportsmen, erotic explorers, survivors of abuse and men in recovery from addictions. We often find men who have difficulty accepting their bodies and we want to assist them in accepting their bodies as unique and in no way inferior to anyone else. Above all, we want to help men dispel the notion, enforced on them by the media, that the bodies shown in the media is the norm and perfect, and all else is a failure.

Our vision

Our vision is for men of all ages, race, ethnicity and sexual orientations experience their full potential as men in a safe environment.

Bodywork4men is proud to present the "Art of Touch series" to sexually diverse men interested to develop their personal, sensual and spiritual growth.

What is Art of Touch?

Art of touch came about the need of male bonding, connection, interaction in South Africa under diverse men (gay and bi-curious community). A safe space to explore, connect, share and be the man you are.

The Art of Touch workshop series consists of a number of events, workshops and weekend retreats.


Regular get togethers with a specific purpose and goal in mind.  We present the following events on a regular basis.

  • Aqua Bliss
  • Yoga - weekly men's class
  • Other events


Workshops are presented as half day, full day or two day non residential events. We present the following workshops regularly.

  • Art of Touch - Basic
  • Art of Touch - Full-body Orgasm
  • Art of Touch - Butt
  • Art of Touch - Full Circle
  • Art of Touch - Bondage
  • Art of Touch - Touch, Intimacy & Massage


Retreats are residential events which spans over a three day period at a private venue or resort. We present the following retreats on a regular basis.

  • Art of Touch week-end Retreats
  • Men's Yoga week-end Retreats
  • Other week-end Retreats