Guys with tied hands
Art of Touch - Bondage

Power of letting go - Power, Surrender & Intimacy

In a world of control, letting go and surrendering is something many of us simply don’t consider in our day to day lives. This bondage workshop is designed to teach you about letting go, placing trust and the surrender of control. Here are a few constructive behaviours bondage can help with:

  • Old childhood wounds and conditioning that hold you back in your life and sexual relationships
  • Your unconscious patterns of, and relationship to, power and control
  • An inner conflict between the mind, heart and gut
  • How vulnerability holds a key to deep intimacy and personal empowerment
  • The unlimited depths to which you can receive, give and experience pleasure

How I benefit from this workshop?

This workshop is aimed at all male individuals (men who are curious) who wish to grow personally, sexually, explore, fantasy and to improve their relationship. This workshop is right for you if you have one or more of the following needs / thoughts below:

  • You've been secretly excited about the idea of bondage or spanking but were too afraid or shy to admit to or explore it
  • You've been curious but wasn't sure how to approach it with a partner, practically where to start or had concerns around emotional or physical safety
  • You experienced some form of physical or emotional abuse as a child
  • You find yourself predominantly controlling or submissive in any area of your life in a way that doesn't feel empowering to you or your relationships
  • You are wanting to become more empowered in your life and your relationships
  • You'd like to deep your sexual intimacy and connection in a way that is emotionally safe, respectful and honouring

Workshop outcomes

Attending this workshop you will learn about and find opportunities to have experiences in:

  • Communication
  • Boundaries and consent
  • Dynamics of power and vulnerability
  • The basics of spanking, rope play and talking dirty
  • Basic rope use, knots and safety

Workshop layout

  • The bondage workshop – Sunday Full day

* This program and time schedule is just a guideline – times may change depending on the energy of the group

Participants should bring

  • 2 x towels and 1 x hand towel
  • Loose, comfortable clothes to move and work in (layers to take on and off to regulate body temperature)
  • Sarong or similar
Bondage group with tied hands
Blind fold and ropes

Host you own Art of Touch workshop!

You could host your own Art of Touch series workshop!

If you live outside of Gauteng in further reaches of Southern Africa. By gathering a group of 10 or more people together, I will travel to you and present the workshop.

Prices would be ZAR2500-00 (Neg) per person for the week -end workshop. Contact Johan +27 83 286 1891