FAQ and Guidelines

FAQ and Guidelines

Many guys attending our events and workshops have a number of questions about them. Here are the most frequently asked questions we have encountered.

What if I want to drop out at some point?

Of course that is your prerogative, but you would risk missing the benefit of the program. You might compare that to taking an half-baked bread out of the oven?

Can we participate as a couple?

Absolutely! Or you can participate in our workshops by yourself, as a single, while being in a relationship or with your partner or partners.

Can your workshops endanger a relationship?

Basically, they don't. Couples who participate in our workshops receive the support they need from us.
Problems tend to arise when partners hold different beliefs regarding contact and intimacy with other men. We mediate the exchange around these issues or help you to start one. Fear and jealousy are often the result of a lack of communication.

We have seen that our workshops can accelerate existing or latently smouldering conflicts. Sometimes a workshop really helps to see what's going on and what the underlying issues are. Our work strengthens the conscious awareness for the real needs of each individual partner as well as the appreciation of the multifaceted uniqueness of the relationship between them.

If an unresolved conflict arises during a workshop, additional support might be recommended through a qualified therapeutic councillor.

Meditation is a beautiful tool to create a distance from where its easier to be calmer and less emotionally charged, and to identify beliefs or roles that need strengthening and connection. This can be the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship.

What if I fall in love with another participant?

Welcome it. That’s something we can’t control, can we? Depending on the specific circumstances we then would discuss with you how best to proceed. It certainly could be a great topic to include into your overall process.

As a recommendation, we don't encourage participants to establish special friendships (mainly sexual of nature) with other participants or the facilitators for at least 60 days after the workshop, as they may be in relationships. Workshops and events neither offers matching services or hooking-up with other people.

What if I can’t stand one of the other participants in the group?

Fantastic! Just like real life, isn’t it. Except, now you have to deal with it. But how? That is exactly the kind of thing we will address. Also, through your work with yourself your perception of others will change for the better.

What if I get an erection or/and pre-cum?

You are a man, aren’t you! This is what we do, we get erections and pre-cum – this is one of the nature’s wonders! 

Please embrace your maleness – we so often deprive ourselves of being a man and feel embarrassment of our bodies for no apparent reason (In many cases this is how we were raised or due to society's expectations).

How many participants will the group have?

This is largely dependent on the chosen venues for the various events. We aim to accommodate between minimum 10 to a maximum 24 participants.

Residential vs Non-residential workshops. What does it mean?

Most of our workshops are non-residential (no accommodation required) and take place at venues in Gauteng and around South Africa.  

In some cases  workshops  are referred to as a "retreat". In this case, a retreat is inclusive of common meals and spending the nights on the premises in order to retain the group energy. Thereby, group activities can also start very early and go on until late.

What is the challenge to yourself?

Our workshops are a challenge on many levels. They form an entirely special framework that has little to do with usual thought concepts and standards of behavior. They are for people, who want to find something new or who want to explore alternate paths. All that you need for the workshops is your readiness to test your boundaries and perhaps redefine them. In your decision to participate, simply let yourself be led by the subject that particularly speaks to you.

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