Tantric Bootcamp & Retreat for men 2021

Sima Kade – Magaliesburg – 2021

Anand Rudra has been working with Tantra, Yoga, Sacred Sexuality and in healing therapies with men from different backgrounds for more than 16 years. With such a long history of working with men, it has become clear to him that a different perspective is needed when working with manhood.

In our modern connected society, we have developed a globalised culture with increased access to knowledge. This is far different from the upbringing of our elders. Most men still respond to an old Victorian behavioural pattern. Often this influences their intimate lives and the way they see themselves. This affects their goals and motivation to live life to the fullest.

In recent years, we see a significant need rise to work with our manhood in a transversal way, by changing the way it has been perceived in the past. Men need to move past their personal identity in such a way that it feels more in line with the behaviour and expectations of men in the 21st century.

Over the past 4 years, we studied, investigated, developed and applied an intense learning-experience for men in our Summer Camps. We now celebrate more than 11 years of doing these Summer Camps for men, working with male consciousness with men in Europe, Latin America and South Africa.

This year, we introduce a whole new multi-dimensional approach to enhance your life and contribute to your male journey. This year’s theme,  “Path of Manfulness”, will feature an on-line program developed in line with the needs of different Countries as well as workshops, seminars and Training Bootcamps in Mexico, Europe, and South Africa.

The Organic Man and Manfulness

The term “manfulness” it is a more human-centred approximation to what society is asking for. As new sexual paradigms are emerging around the world, we need a better understanding of how men respond to this new self-image and what it means to live in wholeness. Manfulness is an evolving understanding in which a man can consider his mind, his body, his belief systems and his sexuality. This all combines into the values that motivate him to be and become a better human being.

Tantric Manfulness

Tantra is an ancestral science that works with humanity in different layers and levels.  “Manu” is the original concept of man and is a Sanskrit word that means the ancestor of humankind; the first one to be existing.

Kaula Tantric tools bring a powerful life-changing experience to life, setting in motion the transformation process. Through sacred tools such as yoga, meditation and ritualism, we embody awareness through touch, movement, breathwork and sacred sexuality. 

Through these processes, we create a much deeper understanding of manhood, masculinity and virility – or simply, how to just be yourself.  
So how do we recognise the physical self? How do we define the masculine body? We do it through rejecting the cross-cultural idea of what physical manhood should be and create a new realisation that each man is already perfect.

We explore sexual energy, sexual awareness and sexual attraction in a physical and non-physical way and how it’s generated. We look at various sexual behaviours such as casual sex and sexual intercourse. We also investigate what role sociosexuality, sexual orientation and non-binary sexual orientation play. Finally, we delve into assertiveness, receptiveness, male polarity, archetype bonding, sexual- and spiritual genealogy. 
The power of man comes from being connected to the emotional body. Men are capable of generating sexual energy to leverage this power to even higher levels. That’s the ultimate power of being a tantric man and the sense of being in wholeness or in the Santoshi State –healing myself and others.

The organic man and the masculine self

Through this life-changing experience, we will revisit different ways to explore the structures behind manhood. We explore control and consent and how it’s linked to the release of emotions. At the same time, we look at the changing patterns in our sexuality.

We use bodywork, psyche, energy, breath, sexual energy and tantra techniques to rediscover how your mind views you as a man in comparison to the ideal man. We delve into the different behaviour patterns men have with men at different levels. You will explore the relationship you have with men around you while trying to understand the dynamic power. 

It is essential to find a balance in your body and psyche. We explore the dilemma of control – when to control, and when to let go of control. How does this define your current sexual behaviour, and what exactly is behind it? You will explore your intimate boundaries, as we apply patterns of authority and grounding, and learn how it relates to your sexual drive.

Your Lingam can produce powerful sexual energy. You will learn how to harness this power and sexual energy and how to become empowered by it. Trust plays a significant part as we move out of our comfort zone and push boundaries into sexual desire and emotional state as we bond with each other.

Sexual energy is a powerful tool by itself. To fully embrace this power, you need to be active and receptive as we use Tantra massage at the core of this journey.

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Venue and Information

Sima Kade Bush Retreat

The workshop

Be prepared to work and have fun at the same time during these 4 days. This will be an intimate and powerful transformation process exploring your primitive desires, sexual and emotional behaviour. You will learn that you can reach another sense of being through yourself as a man. The framework through which we achieve this is Tantra Kriya Yoga, Pranayams, Meditation, Sacred Sexuality, Masculine Rites and games. Through these modalities, we will show you the power and interconnection with your own being and other men.

Hands-on Techniques

  • Nude Tantra Yoga for Men: primitive sexual man experience
  • Full Kaula Compression massage: lingam and sacred zone
  • Hot and Cold de-armouring of masculinity
  • Active Meditations: 
  • The mystic man
  • The sexual infinite
  • Naked Dance & Nature bath experience.
  • Breathwork, tantra conscious and touch massage.
  • Energy Orgasms: The door to the synapsis
  • Exploring boundaries through lingam massage and intimate erotical exercises.
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Man technology.
  • Learning the power of sensorial pleasure
  • The power of Sexual energy through touch.
  • Develop the Awakening of Kunda.
  • Exploring ecstatic awareness to connect as men and superconsciousness

What does the retreat include?

  • Three healthy meals. Light Mediterranean diet, if you have any special dietary requirements, let us know.
  • Tea breaks and fruit.
  • Shared sleeping Pods, with a communal bathroom.
  • A practical life-changing experience. TrueTantra, Nude Tantra Yoga and the Sacred Sexuality workshops in a structured way to design your Manfulness

Should I attend alone or can I bring my partner?

  • Either way – it will be a unique experience.

A day on the retreat

  • Wake up with the freshness of the Magaliesburg and a cup of coffee.
  • Discover that breathing has the power to switch on your vital energy.
  • Enjoy a very healthy Spanish breakfast with a view of the mountains.
  • Activate the sacred within you: body, mind and sexual energy by practising Nude Tantra Yoga.
  • Refresh yourself in a beautiful swimming pool after an incredible full body massage. Imagine the art of expanding pleasure not only through touch but with each other.
  • Say goodbye to the night with an open sky and the most wonderful company of new friends that have shared their sacred space with you.
  • Make new friends but at the same time start to discover and get to know who you are.