Feb 2020

Aqua-Touch Feb 2020: Yet again, a fantastic experience, getting to know new people, learning new things and getting in touch with yourself

Acceptance Retreat – The Vaal River 2020: Hi Johan, thank you so much for the weekend. I did learn a lot about myself. I was really worried about it, sorry I did not completely trust that it was going to be above board, so I came with more fear than warranted. I actually said to my wife I would actually like to do the weekend again, now that I know what to expect, so I could concentrate on your lessons and what you were saying, rather than worrying about what was actually coming next. I do feel a little more happy with my body, and I did enjoy being nude, something that I am normally extremely uncomfortable with. I have also decided to see a psychologist to discuss my issues further. I would like to still come to you for more TRE with you. I have decided this is the year of me, I am going to sort my shit out and get to know who I am. Again thank you for being so kind, patient and understanding.

Acceptance Retreat – The Vaal River 2020: The journey for me has began and felt comfortable with “like-minded men” and food was also an element of detoxing. Thank you to both facilitators for their valuable experience and time away from their respective partners to assist me.

Acceptance Retreat – The Vaal River 2020: This was a first-rate event! The facilitator was really knowledgeable about the processes. I believe that this workshop created in me the possibility of growth and acceptance.

Acceptance Retreat – The Vaal River 2020: Good morning Johan, thank you for checking in with me. I’m doing well thanks, the retreat was incredibly enlightening and transformative and I valued the space and each member of the group a great deal. I will hold each member of the group in my mind and heart for a long time.

I felt a bit heavy and exhausted when I got home but know I was processing a lot of emotions. However, this morning I’m feeling much lighter. Once again, thank you so much for holding and guiding the group through a very emotional process! I look forward to attending another retreat in the future.

Acceptance Retreat – The Vaal River 2020: I am more than ok. I feel amazing. Confident, tall, attractive. I slept like the dead last night. Ready and energized for the week. Thanks very much.

Acceptance Retreat – The Vaal River 2020: The new year has had a very promising start. Last weekend I participated in a workshop related to acceptance of self, including age, weight, size, etc. Some participants, especially those with a poor picture of themselves, found a new beginning, and also a desire to change what can be changed. The workshop also included yoga (six o’clock in the morning, too early!), meditation, exercises in self-insight, and acceptance of others, and much more. It was held at a beautiful property a couple of hours drive from Pretoria. Food, although 95% vegetarian, was divine. Thank you, Johan and Tullio for a wonderful three days. 

South Africa does not have the old culture and beautiful temple complexes of Indi! But they have a number of spiritual practitioners, who are very approachable.

So far so good here in South Africa. Who says that retirement is boring?

Acceptance Retreat – Magaliesburg 2019: Groot dankies. Amper n jaar gelede het ek jul ontmoet… My struggle with sorrow finally ended in the first retreat . By the second I remembered the bliss of life like a teenager all over again. Dankie Johan. You reminded me how to live again. Xx

Aqua bliss for Men

AquaBliss 3 Dec 2019: This was my 3rd time. And I loved this one.

Feb 2019: An amazing opportunity to learn more about yourself as a man in modern society. Highly recommended!