About this Men’s Mini Urban Retreat:

In the busyness of life, we lose track of who we really are and the awareness of what makes us tick.  Here you have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself – amongst other men on a similar journey. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and a deeper connection with others.

We gather with an expectation and openness to see, hear, and support each other without judgement or advice, just open ears and hearts. Here you can open up and be heard – or not – your choice is important to your own process as you discover how your life may be different.  No matter how you see yourself, you will experience acceptance and non-judgement from others.  

All are welcome here.  We may use language and words like energy, chakras, spirit, etc. 

Purpose of this event:

Everything in this event is done respectfully and slowly with the intention of facilitating your self-discovery and achieving a deeper, more meaningful connection with others. It is an opportunity to discover self-love, self-acceptance and the awareness of belonging and being accepted by others in a very intimate way.  This program is a great way to connect with other men in a loving, fun, intimate and sensual way that is deeper than the way men typically meet.

During the event, we work alone and also interact with others, whilst also performing rituals.  A ritual has a beginning, a middle and an end and is important milestones on our path of life. The rituals which we guide you through are symbols of changing whatever you intend to change.  

You will be gently guided into the exploration of Touch, Intimacy and Massage.  You will also learn some of the basic massage and sensual touch techniques.  All of these are designed to help you discover new potentials in terms of arousal of an awakened body state called the Ecstatic Body, and help you to feel freer, more relaxed, more alive and more connected to other men. Allow the magic of touch to transform you and your relationships with others.

Event format:

Working solo; group interactions or with 2 or 3 people.

What to bring:

An open mind, towel and something warm to wear.

What to wear:

Weather-appropriate, comfortable, loose clothes and wear 3 items (shirt, undies and pants)


No previous experience of massage, yoga or bodywork is needed but would be an advantage eg. Aquabliss or a Massage Exchange


Nudity will be part of the progression of the program.

Is this for me?

This event is open to men regardless. Often we can give ourselves a hard time on how we think we look to others, and this is an opportunity to go beyond that, to be vulnerable and to let others accept you just as you are. With open hearts, with an openness to accept everybody, let the magic of touch take you to new parts of yourself you never knew existed. Read more if you have any more questions FAQ.


  • ZAR950-00 per person


full day mini-retreat starts on at 09:00 and ends around 17:00.


No previous experience of massage, yoga or bodywork is needed.


Read more about Johan Muller or +27 83 286 1891


Street parking.

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