About this Men’s Residential Retreat:

“Putting yourself out there” typically refers to the act of taking a risk or making yourself vulnerable by exposing your feelings, beliefs, or abilities to others.

This phrase can be used in many different contexts, but in the context of a “retreat for men,” it may refer to a workshop or gathering where men come together to work on personal growth, self-improvement, and developing the courage to be more authentic and open in their relationships and interactions with others.

The goal of such a retreat is to help men develop greater confidence and self-esteem by “putting themselves out there” and taking steps to become their best selves.

Male only retreat

Purpose of this event:

The purpose of a “putting yourself out there” retreat for men is to provide a supportive environment where men can work on their personal growth and development. The retreat may aim to help men:

Potential outcomes for this weekend

  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve communication skills and relationships with others
  • Develop the courage to be more vulnerable and authentic
  • Learn new strategies for dealing with life’s challenges
  • Connect with other men who are on similar journeys of self-discovery.

Overall, the goal of such a retreat is to empower men to lead more fulfilling lives by helping them overcome personal obstacles and becoming more confident, authentic versions of themselves.

Event format:

Be prepared to do solo work sustained by the group, but with duos and trios and group work throughout.

What to bring:

A sarong, beach towel, hand towel, sandals, walking shoes and toiletries, we will forward you a more complete list once you’ve purchased a ticket. 

What to wear:

Comfortable, loose clothes or sarong during the retreat and something warm for the evenings. During the retreat, we request that you refrain from using perfumes or deodorants. 


No previous experience of massage, yoga or bodywork is needed but would be an advantage eg. Aquabliss4men or a Massage Exchange


The True Self is free and without identity. Clothing, labels and technology mask our True Self. We, therefore, invite you, if you feel comfortable, to shed these layers and experience the weekend with no restrictions. 

Is this for me?

This event is open to men regardless. Often we can give ourselves a hard time on how we think we look to others, and this is an opportunity to go beyond that, to be vulnerable and to let others accept you just as you are. With open hearts, with an openness to accept everybody, let the magic of touch take you to new parts of yourself you never knew existed. Read more if you have any more questions FAQ.


Price includes the following:

We strive to deliver a fully inclusive weekend with all details attended to. You simply show up and enjoy.
The retreat breaks down to R2250 a day per person (R1000 lodging and food & Retreat R1250) for a total price of R4500-00 (normal weekend) and R6750-00 (long weekend) – based on 2023 prices in Gauteng

Pricing includes sharing lodging for 2 nights (see dates for longer weekend retreats), all meals (vegetarian), beverages (soft drinks), classes, activities and more.
​Additional pricing available for couples or friends traveling together.


The full schedule is yet to be published, but check out a sample schedule from a Saturday last year below.
Dependent on weather, we will also have a fun in the rock pool – naked.

SATURDAY – 30 Oct 2021

07:00 – 07:45   Butterfly Hall: Morning meditation – Yoga or Breathing

08:00 – 09:00   BREAKFAST 

09:00 – 09:30   Butterfly hall: Family/tribe debrief

09:30 – 10:00   Break

                        be freshly showered, beach towel & sarong.

10:00 0 10:15  Touch / Cuddle 

10:15 – 11:15   Outside / Grass area – activity 

11:15 – 12:15   Butterfly hall: Indoor activity

12:15 – 13:00  Butterfly hall: Indoor Activity

13:00 – 14:00   LUNCH

14:00 – 14:15   Butterfly Hall: Work Manipura & Energy

                        be freshly showered, beach towel & sarong.

14:15 – 18:00   Grass Area – Rock pool

18:00 – 19:00   Break – write a letter

                        Required Exercise: White Cloths (undie & White shirt and Mask) 

19:00 – 20:00   DINNER

20:00 – LATE    Fire Pit: Fire ritual 


Week-end retreat starts on the Friday 18:00 – Sunday lunch time – Registration starts from 15:00 on Friday (Sometimes we ad a combo retreat and the duration might be longer)


No previous experience of massage, yoga or bodywork is needed.


Read more about Johan Muller or contact him +27 83 286 1891


Safe parking and the facility is accessible with a normal car that is not too low.

Putting yourself out there
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There are no prerequisites for this Retreat, and you are most welcome to try any other events:

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putting yourself out there
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Putting yourself out there
putting yourself out there