Do you feel the need to connect and bond with other guys? You want to meet like-minded men who enjoy bonding in a non-sexual way. Or, perhaps, you want to learn more about your own body and push the boundaries. It’s said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, but where should you start? Workshops for men may provide some answers.

As South African men, we have grown up in an environment where we were told from a young age that men should never show their emotion, or appear vulnerable. You were taught men can’t hug. Nor can they show affection to other men. It’s wrong to be naked. So you learned to bottle up your emotions and hide it from the world. You take the punches and don’t complain. Yet, deep inside, you’re breaking, and overwhelming anxiety befalls you. 

Meet a new you

You’re not alone! There are many guys out there, just like you, who need a connection with other men. We all need a way to lean on one another and learn from each other, through communication, vulnerability, touch and intimacy.

No more guesswork

We’ve taken the guesswork away for you and made it simple! Each one of these steps will help start your journey and guide you on a path to better understand yourself, your body and other men. Follow these steps in order, or be courageous and explore any of them at any time, based on how comfortable you feel.

Step 1

Meet the team

If you’re entirely new to your journey and don’t feel too confident of meeting other guys just yet, start by getting to know the team. Take some time and talk to us. You’ll quickly begin to gain confidence in yourself. Book a massage, grooming or coaching session and experience what bodywork is all about and how good it makes you feel.



Yoga for Men

Life Coaching

Trauma Release

Step 2

Male Yoga (Clothed)

Join a weekly all-male yoga session and get your body moving. Nothing feels better than the joy of movement and knowing you’re doing something good for you and your body. Get a chance to start meeting other men interested in self-discovery.


Step 3

Cuddle Groups

Many men crave physical contact as we have so little opportunity to connect. This will be your first introduction to connect with guys through touch and intimacy without sexual connections once a month.

Appreciating one another

Cuddle Group

Step 4

AquaBliss for men

There is nothing more magical and calming than taking a beautiful musical journey in a low light warm pool with other guys. This nude journey will instantly calm you down while connecting and touching with a heart-intention. You’ll experience acceptance and learn we’re all the same when submerged in water – body type and size doesn’t matter and melts away to the tranquillity.




Step 5

Massage Exchange

So much has been written on the benefits of massage and how good it is for the human body. Attending a massage exchange session, you will not only receive a massage but also learn how much joy giving a massage can bring. You will learn new pleasurable ways of touching the male body and lingam, offering a sensual way to spice up your own sex life. 

Massage Exchange

MOM Massage

Step 6


Mini Retreat is 1 full-day event condense to help you to experience a bit of the weekend retreat in one day

There are different mini-retreats a avaiable

Power of Touch

Step 7


You’ve found some confidence, and you started to connect with other men. Attending one of the many retreats on offer is the next step to know yourself genuinely. Resorts usually span a few days away in nature with guided sessions on breathing, touch and intimacy. Well-crafted exercises expand your horizons and teach you new perspectives you never dreamt possible.

We offer a few smaller retreats all around South Africa throughout the year. The main international retreat takes place in September.



Authentic self retreat

Authentic Self

Man Fulness